Marina Home - The Horizon

Project Remake was given to university students from Marina Home Interiors. The objective of the competition was to re-invent one of their signature pieces “The Morritios Plate Chair” within one week.

At first glance, I was drawn to the beautiful composition of the metal back piece of the chair, and immediately envisioned the possibility of light effects that could be created. This led me to start designing a light fixture. As I examined this metal piece further during the beginning phases of brainstorming, I shinned a torch in front of it and saw a striking effect on the wall, which immediately made me fall in love with the rays created that looked like a Horizon.

As I continued developing our design, I wanted to implement characteristics of a horizon to the furniture piece. The idea of the sun rising and setting led to the creation of the dual function, allowing the lid to open and close, giving users the ability to use it as a side table. The wood on the original chair had a very rustic feel and I wanted to keep as much of it as possible. Therefore I manipulated the positions of the pieces rather than completely transforming or deconstructing them. As an additional touch, I painted the wood one shade darker to intensify the rustic look, and also to exaggerate the contrast created by the light fixtures.

Furthermore, every horizon creates different lighting effects in the skies, which inspired me to provide the user with four light options, each creating unique effects for different functions and occasions. The first light option is a 4-Watts LED blue round light fitting. The beauty of this light is its accent architectural ambience, and the way it transforms the space into a more vibrant environment. The second light option is a 2-Watts high power LED adjustable spotlight with an anti-glare visor. Its intensity creates the strongest effect that showcases the rays of the horizon. The third light option is a small battery-LED light that I painted orange for a warmer effect. It is specifically used as a night light and transforms the piece into a functional side table with a warm amber feel. For the fourth light option I wanted to add a personal touch and therefore painted a glass shell accessory to create an artistic effect. The accessory perfectly sits on top of the LED Spotlight, dimming the horizon rays and becoming the focal point.

Overall, the horizon is a functional yet decorative piece that can be used in a variety of settings. The simplicity of the design complements the complexity of the lights and shadows created.

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